Wednesday, March 9, 2011

today is Thursday.

dear day, please be hurry. can you be Friday? pleaseee :(
i want go back home. meet my parents my sister my brothers.
seriously miss them so badly. i wish they were here with me. i wanna hug them. kiss them.
hmmm. oh God. one month be alone here. without my family really make me sick. i hate this situation.
i need them than the others. everyday i pray to Allah that i will meet them soon. and InsyaAllah this friday im coming home. yeayyyy!! im coming home. tell the world im coming home. i need to get back the place i belong. i miss you mama abah kakak abang adik <3 
wait me yahhhh. haaaaa huuuu. wink wink. nothing much to say. im just excited. :D
i can smile now. make it fast Thursday. i cant wait for Friday . lalalalaaaa. 


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