Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hand made . :)

hello hello peeps. 
do you have a talent in art? me? ofcourse not.
im dont have a talent in drawing .
obviously tade darah seni woooo.
but almost my friends do have that talent.
bertuah la pandai melukis kann.
so , i just want to share with you guys.
my phone nokia xpress music 5530 ada application untuk melukis called scribble.
haaaa. menarik bukan. and disitu la my friends menonjol kan bakat terpendam mereka dalam seni lukis. 
sampai my phone protector dah hancur. seriously buruk gila.
i hate it. and lastly cabut protector tuuu.haiyaaa.
im not going to bebel bebel. 
just take a look :)

 this one made by syida. and not using my phone act. heheee. 
se create her own okayy.

again from syida. i miss this so much okayyy. seriously.
BUTANK is our group one time ago .
but now semua busy with their own life.
i hope we will meet again. awww!

tadi tu intro jeeeee.
ini baru yang betul.
check this out.

: the fruits :
made by , Mai and Haidar. the two combination.

: Hany heart Mai :
made by , Mai .

: rabbit :
made by, Mai . cute right ?

: Mr. Rabbit :
made by, Mai

: imagine this is Fikri :
made by , Mai

: Selamat Hari Raya :
made by, Fikri.

 : aku budak BMD1B3:
made by, Fikri. ini tym part 1.hee

: turtle :
made by, Haidar .

 : si hidung mancung :
made by, Mai .

: si ibu dan anaknya :
made by, Jaja 

: we must love each other :
made by, Haidar .

: no polution :
made by, Haidar and Mai.

 : eybit ! :
made by, Ain Sofea

 : Dora the Explorer :
made by, Jaja . She loves Dora so much.

: tunder :
made by, Haidar .

 : the King and the Queen :
made by, Mai . I love this one so much!

: I love you :
made by, Haidar .

: I love my boyfriend :
made by, Haidar .

 : that for me :
made by, Haidar. * i love you moree <3

 : juju iloveyou! :
made by, Erin . *Idoloveyoutoo!

: would you be mine :
made by, Haidar . special for her lover. aww. so sweet :)

 : speech for Hari Raya 2010 :
made by, Haidar .

: Haidar we love you :
made by , Mai.

okayyy. so how? interesting bukan? mereka sangat talented kan. hahha.
my friends are awesome!!
how bout me?
ohhh. idk.
but i only know draw this one. hahaha.

: this is for Azmeer :
made by, juju! HAHA. 
*okay. Azmeer is just a guy sweet orangnya. haha. tayah pk bukan bukan. hehee.
 (ah menggedik la kau juju! HAHA)

okay orite. thats all. thank you very much friends!!


  1. hahaha. cutie pie <3

  2. heheee. hasil kerja awak semua. saya suka :)