Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Two Muslim girls in a classroom , one wearing a Hijab and the other one without.
The girl with no Hijab eager to have a laugh began to gossip and shout.

“Take off your headscarf .lets see the length of your hair.
Go on just this once . it’s only a dare!”

The girl with the Hijab looked back and proudly replied.

“There is no chance that I’ll let 14 devils float by my side”

The other girl scoffed still wanting to have fun.

“So you’re prepared to roast under the burning sun??”

“Yes . because the heat right now means nothing to me.
It is the hell fire which is extremely scary”

Girl with no Hijab still wanting to say more.

“Why are you wearing it? What is the purpose for?”

“Allah will keep evil and punishment away from me.
This Hijab is there in my life for security.
I love and value my faith which is why I cover my head”

Smiling the girl in the Hijab had said.

The other girl tensed but not showing she’s feeling bad.

“Why not show everyone your beauty .once you have, you’ll feel ever so glad!”

“The beauty is inside me where Islam is growing in my heart.
appreciating Allah is the way for a happy start!”

At this point, the girl with no Hijab had nothing else left to say.
She knew that the other girl was always joyful and confident each and every day.
She realised that this Sister in Hijab will always remain pure and never will walk in shame.
The girl with no Hijab knew she wanted to be exactly the same.

This is why, when she went home , she made a very big decision.
She realised that loving Allah can put you in such a wonderful position.

In the classroom, the next day this girl was wearing her Hijab for the first ever time and she feeling so proud.
Looked at the other girl whom she had made fun of before had said out loud.

“Oh sister of Islam .forgive me for the things I have said.
Seeing the love you hold for our religion has today made me cover my head.
Your sweet and caring words that you so dearly expressed.
Made me see how Islam has given you so much respect"

and for me my dear friends,
I know that Allah will gift those who follow Islam.
Wearing my Hijab .I know that I will be safe from any harm.
Together as Muslims, we should aim to reach Jannat’s Gates.”
Smiled with love and gave a lot of praise.
 Indeed Allah will purify your heart and your deen.
Continue love for our faith and in Heaven we will be seen.
Wearing the Hijab and we will always stay as the ‘Respected Girl’
And to Allah we will be known as the ‘Concealed Pearl!’
InsyaALLAH :)


  1. awesome honey! please pray for me so that i'll change :)

  2. ofcourse sayang. InsyaALLAH . nothing impossible. and you , keep praying okay. you such a beautiful girl in hijab. trust me. love you.